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In-Home Euthanasia

What to expect

In-home pet euthanasia is the most compassionate way to say farewell to your friend. Although it is difficult to say goodbye, we are here to help you through the entire process. If you are unsure if it is the right time for your friend we can help by providing a courtesy phone consultation with Dr. Cornelius to help you make the best decision possible.

During our initial consultation, we will ask you to share with us information about your pet’s disease, factors that are influencing your decision, and when you might want to have us come to your home. When you are ready, we will discuss with you what will take place during the appointment and we will go over with you the options for your pet’s aftercare. Next, we will talk about any preparations that need to be made, such as when and where to gather, who will be there, etc. We will also take this opportunity to discuss any special requests you may have for the appointment. It is important that you are comfortable with what is happening with your pet, so please ask us questions. If you are unsure about euthanasia, we can set up an in-home consultation. This will allow the doctor to perform a physical examination and for her to discuss your concerns in person regarding the euthanasia process.

On the day of the appointment, feel free to feed your pet whatever he or she wants. After arriving at your home, there will be authorization forms to complete. Frequently, families find that this is the easiest time to provide payment, as well. Whenever you feel ready, preparation for the euthanasia can begin.

Our philosophy is that no animal will be in discomfort during the euthanasia process. We will give a sedative to your pet to help relieve anxiety and eliminate any underlying pain. Your pet will be in a deep sleep, peaceful and comfortable during their final moments.

Once your pet is sedated, we will proceed with euthanasia when you are ready. A solution will be given to gently stop the heart. This only takes a few moments and we will listen to the heart to let you know when your beloved friend has passed away. You will then be able to spend private time together before we make the transition to the crematory if needed. This is also a nice time to tell stories and remember the good times you shared.

Memorial Keepsake
If you choose, we will make a clay paw print impression for you to keep. We will add your companion’s name and any other information you would like, such as a nickname or dates of life. This paw print is a lovely reminder of your friend and is included in our service fee.

Grief Support / Literature
Last Wishes will provide a resource folder with information on pet loss and grief for you and your family members, including children. There will also be information on grief that your other pets may experience after losing a companion with whom they shared a special bond.

Sharing your feelings with others is an important part of healing and is encouraged. We are lucky to have professional counselors in our area who specialize in pet loss and bereavement, and we provide this contact information in our resource package.

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In-Home Euthanasia

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