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Pet Loss Support/Resources

Coping with Grief

Last Wishes would like to introduce a very special person in our community whose passion is to help pet owners work through and overcome the grief of losing their beloved companion.

Lynn Davidson, M.Ed, LPC, founder of Pet Bereavement Counseling Services tells us,

“From the moment animals enter our lives, they become family members. The loss of these companion animals can bring forth many different emotions including guilt, anger, denial, extreme sadness or depression.

There is no time limit for resolving the grief associated with pet loss. Resolution comes with understanding and working through the various emotions. Often the help of a bereavement counselor is needed.

Pet Bereavement Counseling Services offers comfort and support to those whose lives have been altered due to the loss of a pet.”

Lynn Davidson, M.Ed, LPC
713 522-8344


Social Media outlets for pet loss support

Last Wishes Pet Loss Support Group

This is a small private group comprised of pet owners who have just experienced a loss, anticipating a loss, and those willing to share their experiences of loss. Since this page is not public, you will need to search for it in your FaceBook search bar and request permission to join.

Veterinary Wisdom Pet Parents

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

Pet Loss Support Group


Private Counseling in Houston:

Lynn Davidson, MEd, LPC, Pet Bereavement Counseling Services

2400 Westheimer, Suite 209W, Houston, TX 77098

(713) 522-8344


Becky Reiter, BA, LPC, Eddins Counseling Group

1501 Crocker St. #1

Houston TX 77019

(832) 209-2222



Sinead Lancaster, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

1016 N. Houston Ave, Ste A

Humble, TX 77388

(713) 268-6734


Pet Loss Resources:

ASPCA National Pet Loss Hotline – 877-GRIEF-10 (1-877-474-3310). This is a 24-hr direct line to the ASPCA’s psychologist and grief counselor, Dr. Stephanie LaFarge, PhD. www.aspca.org. Iams Pet Loss Support Hotline – 1-888-332-7738 – M-F 9am-5pm Eastern

SPCA of Texas, Dallas. (214) 461-5131 – All calls are returned within 24 hours.

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine – 607-253-3932. 6pm – 9pm, EST, Tues-Thurs. www.vetcornell.edu/org/petloss/

Argus Institute at CSU Veterinary Medical Center – 970-297-1242. www.argusinstitute.colostate.edu


Helpful Websites:


***The following links are to Pet Loss Books -

Pet Loss Books for Adults:

When Your Pet Dies: A Guide to Mourning, Remembering and Healing - Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.

Grieving The Death of a Pet   – Betty J. Carmack

Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet – Moira Anderson Allen, M.Ed.

Pet Loss and Human Bereavement – William Kay

Animals as Teachers and Healers – Susan Chernak McElroy

A Final Act of Caring: Ending the Life of an Animal Friend – Herb and Mary Montgomery

Pet Loss : A Thoughtful Guide for Adults and Children – Herbert A. Neiburg, Ph.D.

It’s Okay To Cry – Maria Luz Quintana

Pet Loss Books for Children:

When a Pet Dies” – Fred Rogers
Dog Heaven” – Cynthia Rylant
Cat Heaven” – Cynthia Rylant

In-Home Euthanasia

A Gentle Goodbye
in the Comfort of Home

Serving the city of Houston and surrounding communities

Daytime, weekend, and holiday appointments available, 8am - 6pm.