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When our sweet lab Cici's condition deteriorated rapidly, we reached out to Last Wishes. Even though it was the first time we had contacted them, Dr. Cornelius and her team graciously fit us in at the end of long day. Dr. Cornelius and her team were warm, supportive, and empathetic through the entire process. They took great care of our dear friend and of us. I am so grateful for this service. We had plenty of time to say good-bye and were never rushed in any way. It was a calm and peaceful end for our girl, in her comfy bed surrounded by her family. I was also impressed with the great care they took in transporting her at the end. If you are an animal lover, sooner or later you will be faced with saying good-bye to a friend and I highly recommend you enlist Last Wishes to help with that transition.

Cuba (Kooo-buh)

I gave them 5 stars but they deserve ten. The first time I had to put a pet down was many years ago. She was Heidi the German Shepherd. The vet and his staff were less than compassionate and I knew I would never allow that type of behavior to affect an animal of mine ever again. Cuba (Kooo buh) the Wonder Dog was a an 11 year old Boxer and was suffering from cancer. Fortunately until two months ago he was fine and would jump up onto the sofa and sit in my lap (boxers are puppies for life). He weighed 80 lbs. then.Over this last few weeks I knew I was going to have to euthanize him as it was getting more and more difficult for him to function and now he was down to 60 lbs. Someone who rescues pugs recommended Last Wishes and I am very grateful they did. My concern was that I did not want Cuba to feel the slightest bit of fear as we went down this last road with him. Dr. Cornelius and Stacy came to the house and we had Cuba on a dog bed surrounded by family. They were calm and that helps the pet owners and the pet. They did not rush us and they took the time to interact with Cuba. I knew it was the right decision when Cuba quickly got half way up and started licking Dr. Cornelius' face. She did not jump back or freak out (trust me, not all vets would have reacted like her). She smiled and hugged and petted him. To say I love Cuba is an understatement; even writing this review is tough - something in my eyes. I am comforted in knowing that by using in-home euthanasia through Last Wishes Cuba felt no fear, was treated with respect and love, and slipped away as his family petted and caressed him. I hope when it is time for me to follow him that I am afforded the same dignity. Dr. Cornelius and Stacy, I have to say, you rock and I will always remember this. Thank you for assisting us and especially Cuba so perfectly in this really difficult time.


I cannot say enough good things about Last Wishes. I wish I hadn't needed their services, but could not have asked for a more comforting experience. My cat was not doing well and I knew it was time to make that call. I had found Last Wishes from an online search so I texted them and they responded right away. Karen (I'm pretty sure that was her name??!!) called me and was very supportive and understanding. I immediately felt taken care of. She discussed everything with me and patiently guided me through all the decisions (ie cremation, returning the ashes or group burial). Someone was able to come out that afternoon, which I thought was wonderful because I didn't want to wait knowing my cat was in pain and discomfort. Dr. Hou and her assistant arrived on time and from the moment they stepped in my house, they were both supportive and comforting. Dr. Hou explained the process and what to expect and made sure I was comfortable with everything. When the time came to begin, Dr. Hou talked to and pet Sammie and made sure she was comfortable. While the sedative was taking effect, Dr. Hou sat with me and talked to me. It was such a comfort to have her calm presence, for both me and Sammie. As Sammie was crossing over, I was sitting with her and petting her on my bed and I cannot imagine a more peaceful way to go. Afterwards, they took paw imprints and removed Sammie in a respectful manner. I cannot recommend Last Wishes highly enough and although this was such a difficult situation, Dr. Hou and her assistant offered such comfort and support.


Last Friday I said goodbye to my own dog, Molly. I rescued Molly 13 years ago from a Beeville, TX animal shelter. I found her on petfinder and drove for a very long time to spring her from the shelter! I was in my 3rd year of vet school, and living in College Station at the time. I fell in love with her immediately. She was such a great companion for so many years. About a year and a half ago, I noticed Molly's behavior start to change. Her cognitive ability started to decline. She began panting a little more, a little restless at night, occasionally getting stuck in corners. It wasn't bad at first, and she responded well to initial treatment. Over time, Molly's dementia progressed, and I recently began thinking that she may no longer be living a joyful life. Her panting, wandering, confusion, and anxiety worsened in the last week of her life. It was very difficult to control her anxiety because her already declining mobility got worse on anti-anxiety medication. She became really picky with her food, and refused treats she would normally devour. I had to resort to Filet Mignon-flavored Caesar wet food her last two days. It was so difficult going to Pet Smart for the very last time for Molly, but I was determined to pick out every trashy-good-smelly food and treats I could find. Her last walk out the front door was very emotional. She used to pull me on the leash, trotting way ahead of me the entire time. That day she wanted to go outside, but slowly wandered back and forth between 4 houses on the block. I cried on and off the last three days of Molly's life. I was questioning my decision to euthanize her, I questioned whether or not I started her medications early enough in the disease - even though I started them a year and a half ago. I continuously asked those who knew Molly if they felt I was making the right decision. I prepare families for loss every day of the week but it is different when it is your own companion of 13 years - she was with me through all of life's ups and downs. She was so special to me. However, I had to start thinking with my head instead of my heart. I struggled just like my clients struggle over their losses. I did not want Molly to get any worse because she didn't deserve that, and after a string of not so good days, I couldn't put her through any more. I took the last 3 days of Molly's life off of work, so I am so grateful Dr. Spade stepped up to help. I coddled Molly constantly, and remained by her side to provide her comfort around the clock. I fed her a steak from Chili's cooked rare as her last meal. She loved it so much! I was so happy to see her excited in her last moments. She was euthanized peacefully at home with the help of a vet friend, surrounded by friends and loved ones. I held her until she took her last breath. I felt relieved afterward. The last 3 days were very stressful. It was so hard to come to the conclusion that things were not going to get better for Molly. Increasing her medications the last week didn't do enough to improve her condition. I welcomed the feeling of "I did the right thing", and I am at peace with my decision. To Molly - I will love you forever. You will always be in my heart.Love, Mom. aka Dr. Cornelius     RIP Molly: 2000-2015.


Dr. Cornelius, I wanted to thank you for coming out to our home on Saturday to help us with our goodbye to Boo. That was by far the most difficult and painful thing that I've ever had to do but you definitely made it easier for us. You were very professional but at the same time, compassionate and comforting and for that, we are eternally grateful. What I was dreading and expecting to be horrible, was very touching and beautiful thanks to you. It's something that I will never forget. Thank you so much for the important work that you do. ~ Kathy

Miss Merlin

Thank you for your wonderful, humane & compassionate service for our beloved kitty, Miss Merlin. She was 17 and was ready - there was no way I could have driven anywhere. I also very much appreciate the thoughtful service to be able to text to make an appointment - as it is very hard to talk when blubbering. The Phoenix Family


I thank God I found Dr. Cornelius and dr. Spade. She was my saving grace. Presley was a 12 y/o golden who was dealing with 2 previous knee surgeries and severe arthritis. She helped me give him a better quality of life and the courage to know when it was time to let go. Such a caring staff. Dr. Spade helped my family including my kids and cats deal with Presley's loss. The hardest time in our life was made tolerable. We all feel at peace and will forever be grateful for dr. Spade! ❤❤❤ I would recommend them to anyone. How did I ever function without them? So blessed Jennifer B


As a volunteer for Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston, we get many requests from shelters and individuals to take homeless, injured, and hurting pets. A week ago, we picked up Ronny, a 13 year old schnauzer with terminal metastatic lung cancer who had been taken to a shelter in Corpus after his human mom passed away in February. My husband and I brought him into our home as a Forever Foster forMSRH. I contacted Dr. Cornelius, who came out and evaluated Ronny. As much as we all prayed for a miracle, it wasn't to be. Dr. Cornelius came back out today to help Ronny on his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. I am so thankful we didn't have to traumatize him by taking him to a noisy clinic for his final moments and were instead able to be with him in the comfort of our home as he passed. We will forever be grateful for the compassion and thoughtfulness shown to us by Dr. Cornelius in Ronny's time of need. Bless you for all you do for pets and their parents!


I can't thank you enough for taking care of our sweet Patches today. Your professionalism and compassion were greatly appreciated during this very difficult time. Thank you for your sincerity and understanding as we laughed and cried during the process remembering our sweet girl! I am so glad we found out about your service...You will be highly recommended! The Butler Family


Thank you, Dr. Cornelius for coming to my home to send our Bella off in peace. You and Joanna were so kind - especially holding my son while I needed time to say goodbye. I appreciate it so very much.

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