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My family and I are so thankful for the wonderful services provided by Last Wishes. Our beautiful boxer boy, Jake, was terrified about going to the vet's office - I knew we couldn't subject him to that fear when it was time to say goodbye. From my very first phone call, which was extremely difficult to make, my experience was as easy, informative and pleasant as could possibly be, considering the circumstances. Dr. Spade came to our home this past Saturday to help ease our boy into a gentle, restful sleep. Jake is usually uneasy for a few minutes when new people come into the house. This was not the case when Dr. Spade and her assistant arrived. He was so incredibly calm and at ease with their presence - it blew my mind. I was worried that he would get agitated, which I was trying so hard to avoid. Our 10 year old granddaughter was here with us, as well as my elderly mother. Dr. Spade totally put our minds at ease, answered all our questions and explained exactly what she was doing along the way. We were shattered to lose our baby of almost 12 years, but her reassurance made us feel a tiny bit better about making this lousy decision. I don't think we could have asked for a more gentle transition for Jake. It is with a lump in my throat, tears rolling down my face and an intense pain in my heart that I say, "Thank you, Dr. Spade. Thank you, Last Wishes." This will be the only way we ever say goodbye to our babies. What a wonderful service you provide!   Jeanie S


Thank you so much for all you did to make Honey's last days easier of her and for us ...


Everyone I interacted with at Last Wishes was so kind and caring. From the people taking my call to initially inquire to Dr. Spade and Joanna the day I had to say goodbye to my baby girl Margie. I could not think of a more peaceful and beautiful exit for Margie than in the comfort of her home, surrounded by love, while laying in my lap. Margie easily made friends with Dr. Spade and her kind and easy going nature. I know it sounds strange but being able to hold Margie, tell her it was okay and that I loved her, over and over, was really beautiful. My husband and I were encouraged to take as much time as we needed to say goodbye. I am so grateful this service is available and I have been recommending it to everyone I know so that someday if they have to walk this road, perhaps it will in some small way be easier. Thank you for making a very tough situation memorable. Rest in peace sweet Margie ~ Love you forever! Tammy Sue H.


Dr. Cornelius and her Team of Nurses and Assistants are surely equal to Angels, and I was fairly certain that I heard the flutter of wings!  The normal life span of a Maltese is 13 years. Our Tucker's 13th year became a hard year for him and we took him to the Vet a number of times. My Vet gave me a brochure for Last Wishes, so I began reading articles and stories on the their website, and that's when I decided to call them. Best decision ever for our family! There is a Canine Chronic Pain Scale chart, and I used that chart weekly and then daily to help my daughter understand what was happening to her cherished friend. Dr. Cornelius offers a wealth of information for caring for your pet in the best possible way. And I must say with great conviction, that she is as Tender-Hearted as she is Brilliant as a Pet Physician!! During those last days with Tucker, I seriously watched him struggling to stay present with my daughter because he loved her every bit as much as she loved him. And I am certain that he would not let go until she was ready to say goodbye. But seriously, how can you ever be ready to do that?! That's why we needed Dr. Cornelius the most! She was amazing! She protected and cared for Tucker in the most tender and humane way and yet she was so sensitive and understanding to my daughter who just couldn't let go. Tucker was14 years 3 months old when he went to Heaven. Thank you, Dr. Cornelius, with immeasurable and deep gratitude for all you did for our boy, Tucker and for caring for our family just as wonderfully. Missie S


You made a very sad and difficult moment more bearable and your support during the last two weeks of Emily's life was crucial in making me be more at ease ...


I had scheduled euthanasia for Sha'do with our vet the on Monday, but his arthritis was worse and it had been several days since he really ate anything. After helping my 94lb Lab mix outside and back inside I called Last Wishes as soon as the opened. I had already sent a text several hours earlier because could not let Sha'do suffer another day. Jennifer who assisted me over the phone was able to give me an appointment same day. Dr Janet Hou and Joanna were very caring and gentle with my bear of a dog. She explained the procedure and allowed us to spend as much time as needed with him. The entire staff that we had contact with were respectful, caring and sympathetic. Allyson C.


I can't give all of you enough stars to reflect how empathetic, professional, tender, compassionate and patient you were. You helped Charlie pass with integrity and grace, and you left me with the memory of a peaceful and beautiful goodbye to my best friend. I will always cherish his clay foorprint and I'm grateful to have a memorial site that I can visit. Your follow-up cards and phone calls didn't go unnoticed, and they touched my heart. Thank you so much for everything. Leslie C


Thank you so much Dr. Spade and all the kind staff at Last Wishes for helping Angus cross the rainbow bridge today. We made such a hard decision after a really long week and you showed such care and compassion toward our little boy and me and my husband. We were glad to have him lay in my lap one more time with no more pain. Y'all made an unbearable task a little less painful. Thank you again, Jennifer and John 


Thank you, Dr. Hou, Stacey and Karen for allowing Misty's last moments to be in peace at home on the couch on her blanket. You provide a wonderful service, and I cannot imagine saying goodbye to a beloved pet any other way.  Bob F


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