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Gabby Jean

Thank you for your amazing service. We couldn't have imagined a better experience making such a difficult choice. Loralyn L.    



I would like to thank Dr Spade and her tech for their help this past Friday. We had to say goodbye to our sweet Ralphy after 13 wonderful years with him. The services Last Wishes provided made the whole process bearable. It's been such a tough first week without our beloved pooch but knowing he passed away in his own bed at home surrounded by his family instead of some sterile clinic has helped ease our grief. Thank you for treating him with such reverence. Ana D.



We had to put down my 3lb 171/2 year old chihuahua this past Saturday. As hard as it was it was time. He had lost control of his bowels, incontinent, blind, deaf, carcinoma, heart murmur& dementia. Last wishes was very professional & prompt about returning emails, phone calls & showing up on time. It was the most peaceful way to go to heaven. My baby passed eating a blueberry muffin on our special spot on the couch on my lap where we watched tv & hung out. He didn't feel a thing. I was told he might take a couple of last breaths, but he didn't make a peep!!!! It was heartbreaking& tough.it was the right thing to do. I also got to witness the clay footprint keepsake which I will treasure. A few years ago I put his brother down at the vet's office. I have a clay footprint of his as well.If you compare the 2 side by side the vets office version( which I did not witness) looks very generic like a man made fake foot stamp. It was too perfect. The last wishes footprint has nails & his heels in it. I'll NEVER take my dog to the vet to be put to sleep EVER again. It was so intimate, peaceful, & painless. Thank you Dr. Cornelius, Betty Rose, and staff!!! I will miss him terribly!!!   Mary T.


The team at Last Wishes was extremely gentle, understanding, and professional. You never want to face the day where you lose a member of your family but their kindness and sincerity made the process (logistically) easier for everyone. It was a blessing to find an at home service especially since my pet absolutely hated the vet and I would not have wanted him to feel anymore pain and anxiety than he already did. Throughout the process, Dr. Cornelius was patient, efficient, and respectful towards my family's needs. I highly recommend this office for your senior pet's needs. I'd rather have the image of my sweet boy passing away comfortably in his home than last being with him at the vet. Libia C.


Very professional and caring euthanasia service for our cat Hillary, my wife held him in her arms to calm him (and her) her during his final moments. A very peaceful and loving way to go.  Afterwards, my wife commented that she hoped her final minutes of live are as peaceful and loving as Hillary's. Highly recommend their services! Dick C.



I cannot say enough good things about Last Wishes. I wish I hadn't needed their services, but could not have asked for a more comforting experience. My cat was not doing well and I knew it was time to make that call. I had found Last Wishes from an online search so I texted them and they responded right away. Karen (I'm pretty sure that was her name??!!) called me and was very supportive and understanding. I immediately felt taken care of. She discussed everything with me and patiently guided me through all the decisions (ie cremation, returning the ashes or group burial). Someone was able to come out that afternoon, which I thought was wonderful because I didn't want to wait knowing my cat was in pain and discomfort. Dr. Hou and her assistant arrived on time and from the moment they stepped in my house, they were both supportive and comforting. Dr. Hou explained the process and what to expect and made sure I was comfortable with everything. When the time came to begin, Dr. Hou talked to and pet Sammie and made sure she was comfortable. While the sedative was taking effect, Dr. Hou sat with me and talked to me. It was such a comfort to have her calm presence, for both me and Sammie. As Sammie was crossing over, I was sitting with her and petting her on my bed and I cannot imagine a more peaceful way to go. Afterwards, they took paw imprints and removed Sammie in a respectful manner. I cannot recommend Last Wishes highly enough and although this was such a difficult situation, Dr. Hou and her assistant offered such comfort and support. Gina M.


We had to make the decision to put our cat of 11 yrs to rest. Dr. Cornelius was amazing and very understanding and even walked us through the process with the other vets when we were working to determine what was wrong. She provided a great second opinion and even more thorough answers than the vet we took our baby to. I couldn't recommend her highly enough. Kelly M

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