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Jim Dandy

A little angel was looking after us. I was disparately searching the internet, to find out about home euthanasia veterinarians after we finally made the decision this was the right thing to do. No stress, on us, but most importantly, no stress on our 15 year old baby boy. I cannot express in words how grateful we are to have found this organization. Dr. Cornelius thank you and your staff for the personal care, information, kindness and compassion in this stressful situation. Debra B.    


Thank you for caring for Chickadee today as well as her family. She will be missed immensely as her departure has left a huge void in our hearts. It has been a privilege to be her owner and she deserved no less than a stress free and painless transition at home. Thank you again. Shawn W.


There was no scary car ride, crowded waiting room, or sterile environment.  His farewell was just as Frisco believed all things should be -- all about him ...


My daughter and son in law had to face the difficult task of saying goodbye to our little Dash, who had been losing her battle with cancer after several months.  This service is as good as it gets.  Dr. Christie Cornelius and her colleague Stacie showed great care and compassion. allowing time for all of us to say goodbye and then gently administering a peaceful end for Dash. Having the calming procedure completed in the comfort of your own home is so much better than having to take your pet to a Vet's office.  There was no anxiety, no nervous situation for an already stressed out pet.  When the time comes, we all would highly recommend this service.  It's good for the pet owners and for the four legged family member whose time has come to the end. After all was over, Christie and Stacie showed such compassion and respect in handling and removing Dash, it just could not have been done any better. Thanks Christie and Stacie.


We cannot thank you enough for your kind treatment of our beloved Frisbee ..


Thank you, Dr. Cornelious, and all the caring staff at Last Wishes, for making Phoebe's last month comfortable. The in home hospice care y'all provided made this difficult time so much easier for the both of us. And, thank you for providing the services that allowed Phoebe the dignity to pass to the Rainbow Bridge in her own home, in the comfort of her own bed.  R.I.P "fearless Phoebe, ever vigilant, protector of hearth and home", you will be missed  Lori K.

Gerri Lee

I'm finally able to make a post .... I'm forever thankful for Last Wishes..  From Karen taking my very first call . They have been available & helped us even on the weekend...Our sweet Gerri Lee was 14 yr old German shepherd...She was diagnosed with terminal cancer & not knowing what to do for sure bc I wasn't getting good pain management from regular Vet .. I called on a Tuesday Dr Cornelius came two days later .. She gave us weeks we would not have had without her !! Anytime I called about Gerri Lee . Karen, Betty Rose, Jennifer, Dr Cornelius ( please forgive I left someone out) always answered or called me back immediately... On weekend of 23 & 24 th ...She had the best weekend. Her favorite food was homemade Italian meatballs (that she helped make ), she had ice cream ...She laid sun.. lots love & belly rubs.. On July 25 ,2016 @ 2:52 surrounded by love & all her family in home she gave her dad & I one last kiss ... I'm deeply saddened, my heart is deeply broken in a way I can't explain ... I do have comfort she died feeling love, safe, at peace in her own home surrounded with love ... Even though I knew it was time, everyone was amazing & supporting to help make the hardest decision .. I've been rescuing for 20 + years. Seen lots of crushing things but this is only my 2 beloved personal dog I've lost ..First was 8/22/14 I lost my Chewbacca aka "baby son" my very first rescue he was 20 he & died in my arms .. Gerri Lee was my second oldest baby ..They were bonded .. This was my first experience of having to help my personal baby cross over .. I have all the guilt that comes. .. Do I wait to long ? Did I not wait long enough? If only I'd caught it sooner ? All the what ifs ?!?! That of course I have no answer for.. I see lots of people throw there senior dog's away , when I'd give anything to have kept mine with me....I save so many other dogs but unfortunately nothing I could do but give her the best care.. give her one last gift ,her dignity in death ... I also have another German shepherd Rocky (2) & 2 Great Dane ( 10 & 5) fur KIDS ... They all said goodbye to Gerri Lee , her brother Rocky is grieving the hardest since she crossed over .. As a hospice nurse for humans for over 20 yrs ...I want to say I absolutely admire everyone at Last Wishes.. I'm forever grateful for all of you.. Gerri Lee loved everyone that came to see her .. No matter how much I was hurting , Dr Cornelius & everyone helped keep me together in person & on every phone call ... I would and will call them for any future needs if or when the time ever comes for my other fur KIDS ... My Gerri Lee & baby son are holding paws, reunited in heaven ..I'm sure talking about this crazy human mommy & daddy ...I'll be loving them for always missing them the most.. Run free my sweet babies , run free ... I'm going post a few pics of Gerri Lee & baby son ... Forever grateful Bobbi Joe Adams & our family 2 & 4 legged in Houston !! This picture is one last few from her last amazing weekend with us ...This her & Rocky favorite spot ...always watching to report any & everything !!! I sure miss her "talking to me " .... Sorry for the long post .  


I can't thank you enough! My Bitsy crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday with the help of Dr. C. Bitsy has been fighting cancer for the past year. I finally decided that it was her time. I have been following this page for several years. I made myself a promise that if I ever had to do this. This would be the people that would help. The Dr and her staff was amazing! They know how upset I was. They comforted me that I was making the right decision. They took their time, and did everything that I wanted! They didn't push for anything! They explained everything right before it happened and as it was happening. They even stepped out so my other dogs could say goodbye. Thank you once again ladies! You made this very had decision a little easier. Jessica, Darby, and Bitsy Jessica L


..I take comfort in knowing Pyro had such genuine veterinarian care in her final moments and even after her passing until we were able to take her home.  I can't thank you enough for that peace ..


Dr. Cornelius and her staff helped our family through the hardest decision we ever had to face with hospice support and counseling. She was great with our children, letting them know what to expect. She also gave us materialsabout the grieving process which our family also needed. The staff checked in on us and also made a very kinddonation in George's memory. Saying goodbye to our furbaby was SO HARD, but with Last Wishes, we could surround Georgie, in his favorite spot, with the same love we gave him every day he was with us. Evelyn G.

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