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Memorial Posts & Testimonials

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Bella - Paul & Lynn C.

Thanks for being a great medical professional who inspired confidence, and thanks for being a sensative human being.

Owie - Owie's Family

God lent us this special soul for sixteen years in our family dog, Owie. He was my constant companion, as being a therapy dog, he was with me all day as he brought great comfort to so many of my clients. In learning of his cancer, after horror passed, the process of letting go began. I alerted those I knew may want to bid farewell. I arranged times for my clients to come in, not knowing how many would show...touched that 12 came. Next step...how am I going to help Owie be comfortable in his death? Given aggressive cancer and pain not an option, and going to vet stressed him terribly, I found Dr. Cornelius through Janice Shuttlesworth, Director of Friends for Life no kill shelter. The plan in action: Dr. Cornelius to come to our home, family and friends come by the day before to bid him farewell, we dig the grave, and 3:00 Sunday will be his last hour. Dr. Cornelius supported me through her kind, encouraging words beforehand, and was a gentle, loving presence with my family and me, and Owie during. The sadness prior, during and after was, and is, profound, but the actual passing was quite beautiful and peaceful. My constant companion was free from his pain, and back home with God and his furry friends. Owie brought us love..Dr. Cornelius brought us comfort, death brought him peace, and time will bring me healing of the huge hole in my heart, and in every aspect of my day. He loved us well. We shall miss him so.

Thomas - Wendy, Dane, Thomas, Julia, & Stella

Dear Dr. Cornelius, We received your lovely note in the mail. I can't begin to thank you enough for helping us with Thomas last Friday. We feel so lucky that we were able to give Thomas such a peaceful ending surrounded by those that love him so much. The dogs and Stella have been quiet and subdued, and Dane and I miss Thomas more than I ever imagined. I will send pictures of Thomas for your website sometime soon. We are so immensely happy that have chosen this profession. Just knowing you are here gives us such relief. You are an angel and our hero! With love.

Jackson - Nancy M.

Dr. Cornelius, I can't thank you enough for being so wonderful Sunday night. It was such a blessing to be able to let go of Jackson at home. I'm still a mess, but that will fade—my gratitude for you and the service you provide will not. It is such a kind thing you have chosen to do as your work, and I thank you from my heart.

Tabitha - Tara

Thanks so much for understanding and empathizing with me in the days before Tabitha's death. I will forever be grateful.

Sweet Pea - Cheryl M.

Thank you for your kind words and sincere dedication in your care for Sweet Pea. You have truly found your calling in life.

Samantha - Todd G

Your compassion and professionism helped make a difficult process easier.

Otie - Irma L.

I appreciate the compassion and caring of you all.

MoonDoggie - Sarah and Scott S.

We can't thank you enough for the loving care you provided to our beloved MoonDoggie during his final hours.

Charles - Allison G.

Thank you for your kindness during that difficult process.

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