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Our last memories are very special because of you all


your tenderness and the sweet questions you asked about his life showed just what caring individuals you are


On Nov 10, 2016,  my kitty named KikiBear was diagnosed with an aggressive lung cancer and given no more than one month to live.  She was a rescue who was somewhere between 14 and 15 years old and we enjoyed her for 13 wonderful years.  I have never had to put an animal to sleep myself but the vet recommended Last Wishes and I thought it sounded like the best option when the time came as my kitty of course did not like being put in her carrier, car rides, exams...etc. When that day came and Dr. Cornelius arrived, I instantly felt at ease.  Even though I know she had to fight frustrating Houston rush hour traffic- none of that was brought in.  She was patient, understanding, respectful, and explained everything.  In the last moments, I was able to talk to my KikiBear looking into her eyes and tell her how much I loved her as she lay in her favorite spot at home.  It was like it was just the two of us.  There was no hovering, awkwardness, or rushed feeling. Every detail has been thought out with this wonderful team of people and it was as peaceful and loving as I had wished. Dr. Cornelius is an angel. Michelle C


Dr Spade helped us to ease my little Baxter's suffering at the end. She was compassionate and took her time with our family. It was a sacred time that she created for and with us. Thank you, Dr Spade!


Last Wishes is absolutely the best, so compassionate, caring & professional. Unfortunately we had to put one of our fur babies to rest. They came to our house & explained everything thoroughly while giving us the utmost care & compassion. They gave us plenty of time to say goodbye & gave our other fur babies a chance to say goodbye as well. After our girl was eased into the next life we opted for cremation & chose the aquatic cremation. We picked her up today & absolutely love her urn. Seriously, I can't say enough nice things about Last Wishes & how much they've helped us through this difficult time. Last Wishes has an amazing team & I would HIGHLY recommend Last Wishes during such a difficult time. Bates Family


If you're in the Houston area and find yourself having to make the difficult decision to put a furever pet down, I highly recommend giving Last Wishes a call. They come to your home, which is less stress on your pet AND you. Dr. Spade was patient with my grieving and walked me through the entire process. Never once did I feel rushed in the last moments with my pet. She and her assistant were very sweet and gentle with Chloe as well. I am so thankful that I had a chance meeting with a neighbor at who told me about Dr. Cornelius and her caring staff. They even called to check in on me yesterday to see how I have been coping with my loss. I have no regrets using their services and highly recommend them if you do find yourself in a situation like I did. Shannon D


I'm forever grateful for the amazing work that all of the team members of Last Wishes do. The loss of my dear cat Ollie was hard, but the quality of his last days was so much better once Dr Cornelius managed his care. His last week was a gift I couldn't have imagined. Thank you for all that you do. Valerie


Last Wishes helped me say goodbye to my lab Max yesterday morning. Max was with me through some tough times and through some awesome adventures. I was glad we were able to spend his last few hours together at home and that he was able to pass stress free in the comfort of his own bed. Dr. Cornelius and her team were amazing. They maintained great communication and were able to arrange things on less than 24 hours notices even durning the Holidays. This was my first experience saying goodbye to a pet but I couldn't imagine doing it any other way or with a better team than Dr. Cornelius'. Seth S


I just want to say thank you to the truly caring and professional staff who helped us with our dear Hamlet. They helped us end his pain and say goodbye in such a personal and dignified way. Thank you for your compassionate service... We will never forget! Lori H


Very compassionate service. They made us and Tobey feel at ease. It's the hardest decision you'll have to make as a pet owner. Once you do, this is service your pet deserves. Cecilia V

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