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I can't thank you enough for helping me say goodbye to my little cat, Syd. What you do is very special. ‘Last wishes’ for your dearest pet is the best gift you can give your little one. Letting her go was an exceptionally difficult decision but your kindness and professional care made me realize I had made the right decision at the right time. Marianne L.

Mavis Louise

Mavis Louise was dumped near my home and was quite a ham. She had numerous health issues throughout her life with us, but she had an adrenal tumor that ruptured. She was a happy girl who kept us in stitches every day, and she was even happy until her last breaths. I miss my girls terribly. Laura M Bryan, TX


Dr Christie Cornelius, Thank you for the nice card but more importantly thank you for your help last week. Max was one of a kind and touched my heart in so many ways he was my friend and champion. It was a very difficult time to say goodbye and your professionalism and courtesy was greatly appreciated. It was also beneficial for me in reading the literature you dropped off as I did not understand some of my feelings of grief. It helped in my understanding that it was OK to feel the way I was and something was not "wrong" with me. Though it was difficult felt it was a very peaceful for Max in the comfort and security of my home. I know it must be hard at times going into homes under these circumstances but must say what you are doing is so worthwhile. Thank you again for all your help. Sincerely, T. B. Cypress, TX


Dear Dr. Cornelius, Thank you very much for your card -- your message truly helped us a lot. As someone who grew up in Japan where so many pet owners do not choose euthanasia, I really did not know what to do when we were recommended to euthanize Ponta by his home vet. But there was one thing that I clearly knew -- I did not want him to die in a hospital where he always hated to go every time he had to replace his pain patch. Thank you very much for helping Ponta have a peaceful transition to cross the bridge from his home. And we can't thank you enough for choosing such a difficult career for many companion animals and their families. Sincerely, Atsuko and Nate G p.s. The picture I attached is my favorite picture of Ponta. For 18 years every morning when I woke up, he was right next to me, using my arm as his pillow. The picture was taken about half a year before his diagnosis of SCC.


Dr. Cornelius, I just wanted to thank you again for being able to assist me in giving Veruca a compassionate end to her life, in the comfort of her home. Thank you for coming on such short notice and helping me provide my last act of love to my best friend. She was so special and I was so lucky to have had her my life these last 14 years. Sincerely, Darren A


Dr. Cornelius, I wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your busy evening on Wednesday to talk to me about my Tim who had a stroke. We had a terrible night and I ended up driving him to my regular vet first thing Thursday morning since I didn't want him to suffer. I think you provide an awesome service and I will definitely highly recommend you my friends in Houston. Thank you so much, you definitely made me feel better just talking to you. I also put a link to your Facebook page and a message about my experience on my FB page since it really meant a lot to me. When you are at the vet's office and receive some devastating news, you are just so shell shocked that your brain doesn't register things or let's you ask the appropriate questions so than you get home and you are left with all this unknown and uncertainty especially in my case when my regular vet wasn't in and I talked to a relief vet that was not familiar with me or my dog. So when you took the time to talk to me, it was just a huge relief and I want to make sure that you know this. Working in rescue we face some many sad situations on a daily basis, but when it is your own dog it just really hits you. Here is my Tim just in case you would like to see him. Thanks again. Sandra


I'd like to thank Dr. Christie Cornelius of Last Wishes In-Home Pet Hospice and Euthanasia. The service she provides is invaluable, and with her calm, sensitive, loving handling of a sad situation she made it into a bearable experience filled with peaceful memories. You are so appreciated Dr. Cornelius!" Thank you for making yesterday an experience I can look back on with positive memories despite the sadness. I really appreciate you Ruth


Dr. Cornelius, I want to thank you for being so gentle and caring with both Sootie and me. This was a very hard decision but when the time came for you to arrive it seemed to be overwhelming. You were so good at explaining to me how everything would go and then explaining again as each step happened. I knew this would be better at home and it was. I miss her but I know she is not sick anymore. Below is her picture in good health which is how I will remember her. Thank you again for helping me through her passing. Peggy M

Carly Simon

Last Wishes In-Home Pet Hospice and Euthanasia assisted me with one of the hardest decisions a pet parent can make...doing what is the most loving and humane act you can do for your furbaby. While your heart breaks during every minute of every day leading up to, during and after, Dr. Christie Cornelius was with us every step of the way. She has a loving spirit and cares deeply about each of the animals that come into her care. We were able to stay at home, Carly was comfortable and able to go in the safety and comfort of her own home. Dr. C, I have no words to express my gratitude and respect for the service you provide. It truly is a calling and one you fulfill with amazing compassion.


Dear Dr. Cornelius, My husband Mike and I would like to thank you for the support and understanding you gave us during the very difficult time at the passing of our beloved pet Sasha. You understood that she was a member our our family and treated her and us with the utmost dignity and respect. You even took the time to include our other pets in the process and allowed us all the time we needed to say "goodbye" to our "faithful friend". You seemed to understand more than anyone else that our pets are our "four legged furry children". We thank you for your time, your kind words, and beautiful card and paw print wish we will keep and cherish always. I don't know what but if there is even anything we can do to help you please let us know. We also would like to thank the gentleman for the pet memorial service who also was very kind and understanding. We did not get his name and later on realized we had not offered him a token of appreciation. If you would be so kind as to let us know how we can forward a gratuity to him it would be appreciated. Thank you again for everything. You alone made the transition possible. May God Bless you and allow you to carry on the good work you do for many years to come. With Deepest Gratitude, Helen and Michael N., Missouri City, TX.

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