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Memorial Posts & Testimonials

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Thank you for treating my Lady with such gentleness and dignity.


Thank you so much for the lovely card.

Prince Charming & Princess Grace

    We greatly appreciate your kindness and understanding while helping Prince Charming & Princess Grace leave our world and reach their eternal peace.


I want to thank you for your kindness with Daisy and having her ashes returned to us.


It has been one week since we said goodbye to our beloved dog, Snickers. She was my constant companion for 15 years, and she brought such joy to my life! I feel blessed to have had her for the time that God allowed, and I am grateful that my fiance was able to meet her and grew to love her as much as I do. Snickers became ill and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that had spread to her liver. She was sent home with us for palliative care and was not given much time. I was referred to Dr. Cornelius and contacted her that day. From the first time I spoke with Dr. Cornelius, I immediately felt at ease. I have not had to face this sort of decision before, and she explained everything to me. She helped me understand how to evaluate the quality of life scale, to help us determine when it would be time to end Snickers' suffering. We had one more night with our beloved dog, and it became apparent that the time had come. Early the next morning, I called Dr. Cornelius. She was kind enough to accommodate us in her busy schedule, because she didn't want Snickers to suffer any longer than she had to. Our sweet little dog took her last breath on her favorite bed, in her familiar surroundings, with us by her side. I cannot imagine how I would have managed doing this in a vet clinic or without Dr. Cornelius. Her professionalism and compassion are second to none. She even transported Snickers to the crematorium, so we wouldn't have to coordinate this service in the height of our grief. If you are facing this difficult situation with your beloved pet, I would highly recommend Dr. Cornelius' services. Sincerely, Ileana


Dr. Cornelius, I can't thank you enough for being so wonderful Sunday night. It was such a blessing to be able to let go of Jackson at home. I'm still a mess, but that will fade—my gratitude for you and the service you provide will not. It is such a kind thing you have chosen to do as your work, and I thank you from my heart. Nancy M.


Dear Dr. Cornelius, We received your lovely note in the mail. I can’t begin to thank you enough for helping us with Thomas last Friday. We feel so lucky that we were able to give Thomas such a peaceful ending surrounded by those that love him so much. The dogs and Stella have been quiet and subdued, and Dane and I miss Thomas more than I ever imagined. I will send pictures of Thomas for your website sometime soon. We are so immensely happy that have chosen this profession. Just knowing you are here gives us such relief. You are an angel and our hero! With love, Wendy, Dane, Thomas, Julia, & Stella


Dear Dr. Cornelius - Thank you for coming to our home and helping us ease Sampson's pain and help him pass peacefully. He hated going to the vet's office or being forced into a carrier. Being able to keep him at home on the couch in his favorite spot was important to us. Sammy came to my mom out of the woods in Florida about 8 years ago. She fostered him until I was able to adopt him. He lived with me in Philadelphia and New York and finally Houston. He had a wonderful personality and slept in bed with me every night with his head on the pillow. He loved watching birds in the window and taking long naps. His favorite holiday was Christmas - he loved playing with all the ribbons and wrapping paper and curling up under the Christmas tree. Thank you again and happy new year. Donna & David G.

Natasha – Lawrence M.

Christie, thank you so much for making Natasha's last moments as comfortable and peaceful as could be. Your gentleness, empathy and competence were a true blessing. I am so glad that you chose to do the wonderful work that you do

Kane – Dana

This is a pic of my husband with our dog Kane, on his final night on earth, he developed Granulomatous Meningoencephalomyelitis (GME) a couple of days after Thanksgiving. He did well on meds for 3 weeks, and then the seizures came back and he went downhill so fast. He was 10 years old, my husband's "first child", and this is my husband saying goodbye and loving on him in his final moments. He crossed Rainbow Bridge on Dec 17th, 2012

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