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Nidia shared with me her heartfelt letter to her dog Patches Patches, My sweet baby girl, today i make the hardest decision I've ever had to make. My heart hurts at the thought of having to let you go but i don't want you to be in pain and suffer because I couldn't let you go. I want you to know that you made me the best mom I could be. You were my first. You taught me so much. There will never be another girl like you. You gave me unconditional love always, you were my best friend. I'll miss you so much!! Go to your resting place where you will feel no pain, where you will be able to run free with all the other animals who had to go before their time. Wait for me sweet girl until its time for me to cross over and be with you. Watch over us from above. Your brother and sister will miss you, you were their older, wiser, beautiful sister. Always know my baby that mommy loves you. I will always carry your love and your memory inside my heart. I will never forget you. Grandma will miss you sooo much, but i will take good care of her - I promise. Go now sweet angel to the rainbow bridge. God is welcoming you with open arms. I'll love you forever and always Patchy.


Hi Dr Christie, Thanks for helping me so thoughtfully and compassionately with my Slink cat. You gave me the other options and I was able to make the right decision. His whole life had a been a painful life, I feel, and he finally looked so peaceful and free of pain as he laid in the rocking chair. That's how I will remember him. Thank You again. We really enjoyed the card you sent. Nancy K., Joe and Danielle D.


Dr. Cornelius, I really don't have the words with which to thank you for everything you did for us and Scarlett. Thanks to your hospice care, we had an extra week with her. You truly made an almost impossible situation bearable. It was wonderful that Scarlett's last moments were spent in her beloved back yard and not at a Vet's office. I am attaching a picture of a healthy Scarlett so you can see how beautiful she was before she got sick... Carol M


Thank you again for all you did for Sam


Our sincerest appreciation of everything you did to our Rooke.  His ashes are with us now; the process from beginning to end, made it a little tolerable for me.


You've made the animal world a much better place and you've helped their families more than you'll ever know.


Thank you for making a very sad and difficult day a peaceful one.


It was a beautiful passing and we could not have asked for a better ending to an amazing 15 years.


Thank you for treating my Lady with such gentleness and dignity.


Thank you so much for the lovely card.

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