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Dear Dr. Cornelius: Words simply cannot express how much we appreciated your service today. Although it's been a very sad day for both Mike and me, you made the process extremely serene and peaceful for our beloved Scout. My biggest fear is that we would have to euthanize her and have her terrified going to the vet's office. I just couldn't live with that being her last feeling and thought on this earth. Your kindness and compassion meant the world to us today. Thank you so much for treating Scout with such incredible dignity and sincere care. There is definitely a place for you in Heaven! Mike and I would consider it an honor if you would use this as a testimonial on your website. Bless you and thanks again! Karen F Pictured: Scout (on the right) with her buddy Snickers to the left..    


Dr Cornelius, We want to thank you for coming to our home last Wednesday the 5th to assist Chloe on her journey. It's been a rough week of grieving, we miss her more than words can express. We got her ashes yesterday and somehow now the energy balance has been restored at home and I feel as if I can function better. When I say you carried us through this experience, I mean it. I very much appreciate you reading the prayer my friend wrote for Chloe and taking so much time with us. You made this a very sacred experience that we will treasure. I'm grateful Chloe got to go while laying on my lap on her favorite sofa while we stroked her. I thank you for the lock of her fur from over her heart and for the paw print. I especially thank you for wrapping her in the beautiful blanket and allowing me to carry her to your car. YOU are an Angel of Comfort that walks among us disguised as a human. We will never forget you or the gift you gave Chloe to end her deterioration with dignity, respect and compassion. With all my heart, Thank You, and May God Bless You Always     


Dr. Christie Cornelius came to my home last Thur. night and helped me make a heartbreaking decision. Her wonderful mix of compassion, expertise and kindness along with the way she knew when to let me have time with Bailey and when it was time for her to proceed, was done so gently. Bailey was in her favorite spot, the window seat, and I got to love on her till her peaceful end. After a bit of goodbye time, Dr. Cornelius wrapped her in a baby blanket, where I could still see my puppies sweet face, and asked me If I wanted to come with her to her car- which I did and kissed my puppy for the last time. Before the Dr. left she had placed Bailey's clay paw print with her name and date on it on the table. Thanks to Dr. Cornelius, she made a horrible situation bearable. Thank you just doesn't convey how grateful I am. Linda C


We said goodbye yesterday to our sweet girl Deuce after 11 1/2 yrs of true love. We told people she was a rare Scandinavian Boxer -- since she was all white. In reality.....she was actually from Ohio -- but that didn't sound as exotic! She was diagnosed with DM (about 20 months ago) a degenerative disease that slowly causes total paralysis. It was so painful to say goodbye since she was still of sound mind and an excellent kisser! We wanted to maintain her dignity and felt that her quality of life was quickly slipping away. Dr Christie helped us make this difficult decision. We feel lucky to have found her and Pets Last Wishes. Many thanks to Dr Christie and Dr Mihalevich for helping all of us get through this awful time. Sincerely.....Melissa, Tim and Dixie (the Frenchie)  


Dr. Cornelius, Here is a picture of Niko in his prime and how I would like to remember him. Eric and I cannot thank you enough for the kindness you showed both of us as well as Niko this past Friday. You made the best out of what was an impossible situation for us that day. The kindness and compassion you showed him from the moment you arrived will never be forgotten. The way you laid him wrapped in the blue baby blankets and even had a pillow for his head was truly amazing, and those small touches have helped us cope through this difficult time. I hope the word gets out that pet parents have options. Niko being able to pass in his own home on a quiet and beautiful day on his own bed is a priceless gift. Thank you again for all you did for us and Niko. Sincerely, Eric, Debbie, Lauren and Ava S.  


I would like to thank Dr. Spade and Dr. Cornelius for making a truly sad day beautiful in its own way. We loved our sweet 12 year old min pin, Fes more than a lot of people love their human children. When he was diagnosed with megaesophagus in October of 2013 we had no idea that the disease and recurring aspiration pneumonia were in our future. Try as we did to manage this disease and heal ourboy, we just couldn't save him. I researched Last Wishes about 2 months before the sad day arrived. I knew that putting my poor boy through the fear of the vet was just not the way I wanted him to spend his last day on earth. Dr. Spade arrived at our house and she was loving to our little guy and to us from the first moment. It was at that time that I knew that all the glowing testimonials were true. We were blessed to have beautiful weather - not an easy feat in Houston. The wind reminded us that God was coming look after our sweet min pin. The very gentle procedure was performed outside on his favorite blanket. He went peacefully. We truly had the chance to love on him until the very end. We are forever grateful for the service that Last Wishes provides. There is a special place in heaven for Dr. Cornelius and Dr. Spade. May God bless you both. Cindi & Kevin A.


...but seeing how peaceful she was and seeing the care you took to make it easier for her and for us is something we can never find the words to thank you for.


This photo was taken on Jackson's last day. We spent the day hanging out together. Jackson was an indoor cat, so he had never been out in the yard. I brought him outside, set him in the grass, and watched him explore. He went slowly, since by this point he was very weak. But he sniffed everything to his heart's content, and went all around the perimeter of the yard until he had exhausted himself. Then he slept on my lap for a long time. Lisa & I let him go that evening, with your kind & competent help. It was pretty rough, but we knew he had a really good last day, & that helped. And so did you. Many thanks! Nancy M  


You made what was one of the hardest things I have ever done a little more bearable and you did it with a kindness, compassion, and respect that meant the world to me


Thank you from the top and bottom of my heart

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