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Memorial Posts & Testimonials

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"...like to thank you for your caring and kindness...you were meant to do that job"


"We are so grateful Noah was able to pass away at home surrounded by the things he most loved"


"It was an amazing comfort for us all to have time with him in his final moments while in the comfort and privacy of our home"


"Saying goodbye at home meant a lot"


"...the sadness and pain felt from her passing was softened because you were here to guide all of us through it"


Our beautiful Winnie who was crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday by Dr. Spade. We can't thank you enough for your kindness, caring, gentle hand, and attention to detail that made this heartbreaking process so much more bearable and peaceful. Thank you for a tremendous service and the grace and ease in which you deliver it.   We are forever grateful - The Weindel Family  


It's been one whole week without my girl, Miko. I got your card, thank you. I know my girl was very sick and I am grateful you helped her reach peace. She was a tough girl. She stayed alive just for our family. She knew when she was gone I would be devastated. Life is hard without her. I don't want to let her things go. I still haven't bought her flowers yet. I hope she can forgive me. I sit around the empty house tear up and then I look at the photos I have of her and think about all the silly things she'd do. Her sideways grin when she'd get in trouble. Her winks, her tough dog barks, her fearlessness of bigger dogs and cats, her sloppy wet sugar kisses, her soft silky coat. She was so tiny and perfect. I will never forget her and everything she has taught me these past 12 years. I miss you Miko  


I have been meaning to thank you for so long, "like," you and post a link. I will never take a pet in to a vet to be put down again. Milo was 21 and lived a great life. Thank you so much for making his last moments enviable - I hope I go with a full belly of my favorite treats. He was literally chowing down on his favorite treats when he got the first shot. The doc even remarked how full his belly was when she checked the heartbeat. Again, I am so grateful for your service. Please click on the picture - the small version doesn't do him justice. He was in his prime, contently sleeping on his back, my sweet seal-point with the paint-dipped paws. I had him almost half my life and longer than my late husband.   Thank you! Amy S.  


" I just wanted to share my graitutde with you for allowing me to put Eli to rest in the comfort & peace he deserved."


"Thank you again for having been so kind and understanding at a very difficult time for us"

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