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Memorial Posts & Testimonials

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This photo was taken on Jackson's last day. We spent the day hanging out together. Jackson was an indoor cat, so he had never been out in the yard. I brought him outside, set him in the grass, and watched him explore. He went slowly, since by this point he was very weak. But he sniffed everything to his heart's content, and went all around the perimeter of the yard until he had exhausted himself. Then he slept on my lap for a long time. Lisa & I let him go that evening, with your kind & competent help. It was pretty rough, but we knew he had a really good last day, & that helped. And so did you. Many thanks! Nancy M  


You made what was one of the hardest things I have ever done a little more bearable and you did it with a kindness, compassion, and respect that meant the world to me


Thank you from the top and bottom of my heart


Our sweet, 14 year old, Indy, crossed over the rainbow bridge today. Dr Cornelius was wonderful. She treated Indy and us with kindness and dignity. She does an incredible service and we can't thank her enough. Before Indy's passing, she set up hospice care we did for Indy at home and we had one wonderful extra month with him. We will miss him terribly until we meet again! Love you Indy! Bless you Doctor Cornelius!  


This is my sweet boy Charlie, he was a 6 month old stray found wondering the streets in Bay City Texas, we saw his picture and had to adopt him. it was perfect from day one. We just lost him in August to bone cancer. It broke my heart, he was the sweetest most loving dog and a playmate to my other dog Emily. He loved his rawhide treats and just sitting on the floor next to me. Sometimes he wanted to be a lap dog and I let him although he weighed 120 lbs. Charlie, Emily, Heidi and I miss you so much, it hasn't been the same for us since you left us. Thank you for your kindness and for all you did for him... Anita S  


Thank you so much for helping us with Maggie.


My sweet boy, remmi had to be put down two months ago. Fungal disease we believe. Took too long to diagnose. Best dog I'll ever have. Friendly to any animal or child. He is terribly missed and has left a huge hole in our hearts. Thanks, The kurtz family


Dr. Cornelius, I wanted to express my gratitude for helping me yesterday and tell you that Dr. Spade did such a great job with my parent's dog. She was very gentle with him and made him feel comfortable. He had not wagged his tail in days and wagged his tail when he saw her. She also put me at ease and made it as positive of an experience as it could be. You do great work and I am so happy you offer this service. Anikan was able to peacefully take his last breath in the comfort of his home. Dr. Spade is wonderful and compassionate. I will recommend your service to my friends and let people know this is a great option should they be faced with making this decision for their pet. Thank you, Virginia


Your calm and caring demeanor along with your expertise immediately put us both at ease.


I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Christie Cornelius and Last Wishes. Having to make the difficult decision for the well -being of our ailing fifteen year old pug, Bonnie, was made a little easier with her support. The experience at home was as peaceful as possible. The amazing compassion Dr. Cornelius showed even before coming to our house was a source of comfort for us all. Dr. Cornelius took time to explain the process and make sure Bonnie was comfortable. If you have to make this difficult decision, I encourage you to let Last Wishes make this a peaceful loving experience. Many thanks to Dr. Cornelius! Greg P

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