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I have been meaning to thank you for so long, "like," you and post a link. I will never take a pet in to a vet to be put down again. Milo was 21 and lived a great life. Thank you so much for making his last moments enviable - I hope I go with a full belly of my favorite treats. He was literally chowing down on his favorite treats when he got the first shot. The doc even remarked how full his belly was when she checked the heartbeat. Again, I am so grateful for your service. Please click on the picture - the small version doesn't do him justice. He was in his prime, contently sleeping on his back, my sweet seal-point with the paint-dipped paws. I had him almost half my life and longer than my late husband.   Thank you! Amy S.  


" I just wanted to share my graitutde with you for allowing me to put Eli to rest in the comfort & peace he deserved."


"Thank you again for having been so kind and understanding at a very difficult time for us"


Dear Dr. Cornelius: Words simply cannot express how much we appreciated your service today. Although it's been a very sad day for both Mike and me, you made the process extremely serene and peaceful for our beloved Scout. My biggest fear is that we would have to euthanize her and have her terrified going to the vet's office. I just couldn't live with that being her last feeling and thought on this earth. Your kindness and compassion meant the world to us today. Thank you so much for treating Scout with such incredible dignity and sincere care. There is definitely a place for you in Heaven! Mike and I would consider it an honor if you would use this as a testimonial on your website. Bless you and thanks again! Karen F      


"I thank God sent someone so caring to help Brady + us"


By far, last week was the toughest week of our family's lives when we made the decision to let our 15 y.o. dog go to rest peacefully and forever. Dr. Cornelius and her team treated my family and sweet 15 y.o. Krissey with the utmost respect during this final moment. We so appreciated the gentleness with which Dr. Cornelius walked us through the process. We were touched by the empathy and care in the way our emotions were handled. If you are crossing through that chapter of life with your family pet, I highly recommend "Last Wishes." Thank you Dr. Cornelius and your staff. Blessings! Shelley M.  


There's nothing more important to me than my baby girl. She's 14 yrs old and still hanging on. As odd as it reads, we're looking forward to another home visit next week with Dr. Cornelius at Last Wishes In-Home Pet Hospice and Euthanasia. She gives us peace of mind so we can focus on and enjoy the time we've got left Jessica H  


Dr. Cornelius at Last Wishes In-Home Pet Hospice and Euthanasia, 7 months ago you helped us say goodbye to our beautiful rescue Hardy. Yesterday, you again helped us peacefully say goodbye to Drifter, our 13 year old German Shepherd who lost his valiant fight with cancer. The service you provide is beyond compare. Thank you for your compassion, tenderness and for allowing him to have his final moments in the comfort of his home. I truly hope I don't need your services any time soon, but I will be recommending you to everyone I know that loves their pets as family. Thank you again, for everything. Dana


Our older cat Bernice [at least 15 years when rescued by Joy in the dead of winter in Kansas City at a young age of 1 to 2 years old] has cancer of the intestines. She has been given palliative care Dr. Chris Cornelius with Last Wishes In-Home Pet Hospice and Euthanasia . The last few days her quality of live is at the end stage. We are putting her to sleep today at 5 pm... We were told she would not last a week or so with her blockage and was not a candidate for surgery by another vet.. Joy was not ready to let go so I contacted Dr. Cornelius.... with her help we have given my wife almost 5 months with her little girl... she is such a small cat with such a big voice she is such a Princess... She will be missed... If you have a pet and the end is near do your self and your friend a favor and contact Last wishes.. I am not saying that she can give your pet extra life... but she can make your pet's life and your's easier in their end days... And the Dr. will come to you.. so much better that a cold stainless steel table and loud noises that go with a trip to the vet.... Richard G.  


My wife and I cannot thank Dr. Christie Cornelius enough for the skill and care with which she handled our family's tough decisions. We had to say goodbye to our dearest Pixie a week ago tonight. She was an extraordinary creature that God let us have for a season. "A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal,..." Proverbs 12:10 And oh how we regarded her life, the little girl with the green eye   Don & JoyLou G.  

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