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Memorial Posts & Testimonials

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I appreciate and am grateful for the services that you offer which allowed Lucy to transition as smoothly as possible surrounded by her family, on her favorite blanket on the land she loved to run


We know we made the right decision and your professionalism and love was greatly appreciated


Thank you for your continued message of sympathy and understanding


The entire experience was calming, moving, private, and considerate.


Dr.Cornelius and her staff provided me with wonderful counseling and guidance the last two months of my sweet Diane's life. The ability to have Diane cross the rainbow bridge at home was a true blessing. I am very thankful for Last Wishes.    

Lupe Lou Longfellow

Thank you for making Lupe Lou Longfellow's passing to the Rainbow Bridge peaceful. You are a true blessing. Your patience and kindness is greatly appreciated. You even dug the hole in my yard where I wanted her to go as I balled my eyes out. In the August 120 degrees heat! You are true angels on earth. God bless you. Many thanks.  


Our family cannot thank you enough for the compassion you showed our sweet Bosco today. Thank you for helping him pass over the Rainbow Bridge while in the comfort of his home, surrounded by those who love him.  


"Your good work and warmth got us through"


"...like to thank you for your caring and kindness...you were meant to do that job"


"We are so grateful Noah was able to pass away at home surrounded by the things he most loved"

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