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Memorial Posts & Testimonials

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We felt that you truly cared and gave him the love and dignity he deserved


I'll never forget our last day, our last hours and the compassion and dignity you brought at that time


We said goodbye our sweet Hattie girl, our greyhound, yesterday. It was absolutely gut wrenching, and the decision to help her to the bridge was so difficult to come to. Dr. Cornelius was wonderful--she was gentle, respectful of our grief, and she made the entire experience easier; I know that Hattie went to the bridge with no pain or fear. She died feeling our hands caress her and hearing our voices tell her, as we have countless times over the past decade, how much we loved her and that she was a good girl. I am so glad we made the decision to use Last Wishes to help our sweet girl--Hattie died without pain, in grace and dignity--it was a true gift. Thank you, Dr. Cornelius, and everyone in the office with whom I spoke, for being so incredibly kind and caring. ~ Alex P ~


RIP NatashaWe had to let go of another dog yesterday. Natasha was our first and best dog. She loved everybody, the sweetest, smarted, best behaved dog we've ever had. she lived fourteen good years. Old age finally caught up with her. We were so thankful for Dr. Cornelius and Stacie Alves fromLast Wishes Compassionate Comfort Care for Pets for making the passing of both Natasha and Boris so much easier. They both lived long, good lives, and slipped away peacefully, but we'll miss them terribly. Ballard Family


I cannot thank you enough for making his last moments so peaceful for him.


It's been a couple of weeks since I lost my Abby. I can't say enough nice things about Last Wishes and their staff. Professional, caring, and knowledgeable. I'd recommend them to anyone who wants your pet to be at home with family. Jennifer M


With broken hearts we had to let Jordan go to doggie heaven yesterday. She collapsed Friday and on Sunday we had to say goodbye due to a very aggressive spleen cancer that metastasized to her heart. She passed peacefully at home with the assistance of Last Wishes Compassionate Comfort Care for Pets, we will cremate her and take her home to Alaska. Life will never be the same without her! We were blessed to have had 11 amazing years and 1 month that will remain in our hearts forever! Rest in Peace, Baby Girl! 5/12/206 - 6/25/17 The Barter Family


We just want to say thanks to Dr. Hou for such a wonderful experience today with having to put our Morgan to sleep. We were dreading the experience of having to take her to the vet where she gets so nervous. Having last wishes made this situation much easier for us and definitely for Morgan who was able to pass peacefully at home where she was most comfortable. Kelly


Thank you Dr Spade and Last Wishes for being so comforting tonight for Rufus and his family!!! You make a very difficult time peaceful!!!  The Cupps Family


This is an invaluable service!! My beloved Max became ill and he would start urinating in his carrier on the way to the vet. He was grumpy and sick,  I was totally stressed out having to give him meds he totally hated. Someone recommended them...what a relief. Kind, compassionate and they are so sweet to my boy.  They come twice a week to administer his chemo meds, and an anti nausea shot.  This is an affordable service. Actually it's a lot cheaper than my vet. I will be using them forever... and they will let you know when it's time to put your animal down.   I don't know what I would do without Dr. Spade and Stacie. If and when the times comes to euthanize my boy... I feel confident they will will help us all through it. Thank you LAST WISHES! ~Blanche K

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