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It is the hardest thing when you have to come to the decision to put your "baby" to sleep especially sooner than you expected. About a month ago or so ago my dog Tino was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had terrible arthritis in his back and started having trouble walking. Nonetheless, he still had vitality and loved going for walks. He never wanted to go back inside, he'd always tug or hold back when he saw us heading for the house. From one day to the next, he stopped getting up when he saw his leash. I thought maybe his back is hurting more today, so I carried him outside. He didn't move or use the bathroom anywhere. He just laid down in the grass coughing and taking shallow rapid breaths. This was it and my heart sank. I was never going to keep him longer than I should for selfish reasons, but I never thought it would be night and day when it came time to have to do it. Only yesterday he was still fighting and showed efforts of wanting to live and enjoy the everyday beauty of fresh air and being outside. It all changed so quickly and I felt terribly unprepared. I had no appointment, it was a Saturday afternoon so my vet had closed early already, and given his extremely weak state I didn't want to move him too much to take him to an emergency clinic. I remembered having found the website for Last Wishes the week before so I quickly call them. The website had mentioned that you typically would make an appointment and pay a down payment. I hadn't done anything but prayed they were able to help. A sweet and genuinely concerned young lady answered the phone. I was ok and composed when I called but as soon as she started to get some from information from me about my baby and what was wrong, I broke down. I told her all his symptoms, his diagnosis and his current state. Very sweetly and sympatheticly she took my took my name and number and said she would call Dr. Cornelius and see if she would be able to fit me in between her appointments. Just a couple minutes later she called me back and said Dr. Cornelius could fit me in and would be stopping by. I was so relieved. My heart hurt for my baby who was scared and didn't deserve to suffer any longer. The incredible service that Last Wishes provides by coming to your home and allowing you to say goodbye where your baby is able to be comfortable in their own home is an immense kindness. Every one I had the pleasure of speaking to were absolute angels and I can't thank them enough. It was supremely difficult when it was time but Dr. Cornelius was incredibly loving and sympathetic. My baby was able to rest peacefully and with dignity. I don't think I could have made a better choice than Last Wishes. They are absolute saints. Even as last minute as it was to have this appointment they still carried supplies to make a paw print with his name and a beautiful little charm. I cannot thank them enough for all that they do. Thank you Last Wishes for being there for me and Tino. You offer an amazing service. Thank you, thank you. ~Xenia C.


My 14 year old Golden had a seizure on Tuesday night and was doing poorly afterwards. I knew it was time, so I called Last Wishes and they were at my house in about 1-1/2 hours. The team was so comforting and gently helped my beautiful Samson over the Bridge to wait for me. Thank you so much. Lori Ann


I just want to thank you so much for helping Twitch leave us peacefully. You made this so much easier in such a terrible time. Tess


Last Wishes was a God send. My best friend of 13 years declined very quickly, but we were able to make her last moments comfortable and stress free in our home. Dr. Spade was wonderful and showed my girl the love and compassion she deserved as she went to run free. Couldn't have asked for anything more, everything was on our terms, and on our time table. Thank you so much Last Wishes.   Mary M.


Thank you for assisting my Nina's transition to heaven less stressful and pain free. Although my heart is heavy my mind is at peace because my little girl no longer suffers. Someday we will meet again at the rainbow bridge. You and your staff are wonderful! And, thank you so much for the card, it truly touched our hearts. Alda, Nina & Maxine.


"Thank you so much for your caring service for Gypsy, you made a difficult situation so much better..."


"We can't thank you enough for you gentleness and compassion when you helped Chrissy..."


"The pain of losing Coco is lessened because of you, of the peace you brought, and of the time you gave us to be with her that last day..."


My daughter had to make the decision to say goodbye to her precious fourteen year old Doberman.   Last Wishes was recommended to my daughter by a friend.   I don't have words to express our gratitude to the wonderful people at Last Wishes - they made an extremely traumatic event so loving, caring and peaceful.  We know that our sweet Nala was surrounded by love, and left us in comfort and peace.  Our deepest thanks to Last Wishes.   There are not enough "stars" to give.  I would highly recommend these caring and empathetic people.


"First let me tell you both how blessed I feel to have found you.."

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