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As you prepare for end-of-life, it is important to understand all of your aftercare options. Everyone has different needs. What is important to remember is that whatever you choose, it should reflect the love and devotion you hold for your friend. No request is too big or too small.

Last Wishes provides transportation of your companion for cremation to Little Friends Pet Memorial, located in Houston, TX. If the family has a specific crematorium it prefers we will walk you through the steps of scheduling your selected crematory to come on the day of your appointment.

All of the local crematoriums are courteous, professional, and will cater to your needs. Cost of cremation is determined by weight, which will be calculated for you and payment collected during the euthanasia appointment, unless otherwise arranged.

Cremation Services

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We understand that decisions around aftercare are delicate ones, and we strive to offer each family an option that  best suits their needs. We offer two types of of returned ashes, as well as communal cremation for families that prefer not to have the ashes returned.






Elite Package - With the Elite Package, your pet is cremated privately, meaning one pet at a time. This package includes:

  • Choice of Elite Urn (3 to choose from)
  • Urn with engraved nameplate
  • Fur clipping returned with urn
  • Expedited cremation times
  • Certificate of cremation

Premium Package - With our Premium Package, your pet is cremated privately, meaning one pet at a time.  This package includes:

  • Standard urn with engraved nameplate OR Blue Velvet Cherish bag
  • Grief Support Materials
  • Certificate of Cremation

(We also offer an ink prints of the nose and paw to be returned with your pet’s remains for an additional $20)

Communal – Communal cremation is an option for families that prefer not to have the ashes of their pet returned.  Your pet will be cremated with the dignity and respect he or she deserves, along with beloved pets from other families.  No ashes are returned and instead, stored at the pet memorial site in Willis, TX.


Receiving your pet’s ashes

We offer three methods for reuniting you and your beloved family member after the cremation process.

  • In most cases, Little Friends can return you pet’s ashes back to your regular veterinarian’s office
  • Secondly, you can schedule a day Monday – Saturday to pick up your family pet from our home office, located in The Galleria area
  • You can retrieve your pet’s ashes directly from Little Friends Pet Memorial, please contact Little Friends for hours of operation.


Little Friends Pet Memorial
8627 Windswept Dr.
Houston, TX 77063
(713) 974-2744

In-Home Euthanasia

A Gentle Goodbye
in the Comfort of Home

Serving the city of Houston and surrounding communities

Daytime, weekend, and holiday appointments available, 8am - 6pm.